Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"


gr8 game and all, but the cross air (dont know how it's spelled >.<) locks at spot when i shoot :S
is that a general bug or does it only happend to me?

Fun, for a while...

It was good (apart from lvl1) and the upgrades were awesome n' all, but by lvl 8 I had unlocked everything. From that point on, it was just more of the same. Add more upgrades, enemies maybe? Plus missiles started freezing in mid-air at exactly vertical points.

good stuff

man nice everything everything is great the graffics, the upgrading system ...

good job guys!!!



This is the coolest game I've played in a while. This really made my day :D

(Note: I did encounter the bug where missiles where freezing in mid-air)


W00t this game rulez good graphics and i loved the upgrade system keep up the good work:P:P