Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Nice Dandy Game

Really great game. Good graphics, nice upgrades

Suggestions: Infinite upgrades (or at least infinite health upgrade) since once you get everything, the EXP is just there for no reason. Try to fill in the levels 8-13 because there are only like 3 enemies per level during that time. A grenade that explodes on impact (less damage) would be cool too.

Nice game though.
(Do a hybrid level up until you get 3 in everything (not in grenades) and then max out your weapon first.)

Nice game.

I really liked it.
Good job man.

very nice

Very good game dude, I can see you put a lot of effort into this. I enjoyed it.

Not Too Shabby

Very good game! Looks like you worked really hard on it!

I do agree with the the guy below me tho, it does get easy once you max out your upgrades and what cheats?

Very Good

Everything from the gameplay mechanics to the graphics and evolution of the craft was great. My only critique is that things get too easy after level 10. I'm not sure why, but it's almost like the spawn rate dropped from level 10 to about level 17. Then at level 17, things started to pick up again. Also, how do you unlock the cheats? I got to level 18 or 19 I think and I got over 1000 kills, so I figured I'd unlock something.

skideh responds:

Entering a cheat just allows you to gain more exp.
I didn't think people would play it past level 10 or so ;) HAH. maybe if we do another one it'll go beyond that and have better upgrade mechanics.