Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

I dont know what everyone is saying

I thought the game was pretty good. If people want it to be fun, then they should play the game normally because i thought it was fairly challanging


Sorry, but this wasn't all good. I loved the ugrades you got to get; and the increase of enemy fire on each level. One problem though- there seems to be a glitch. I was on level 8 with the jets with 550 remaining Hp, and I died all of a sudden. This, I found, was strange and ended up cussing at myself to watch enemy fire. You lost 2 points because of this, and I'm sure you can fix that glitch.

I want to compliment you on the strategical advance though. The choice of weaponry was incredible, and I feel bad for myself for not seeing the last enemy of the game.

Keep it up,


I was doing pretty good until level 5. Then i stinked like rotten fish. But, Good game overall. Has great potential.


This looks awesome, but it could be awesomer


this was just an overall boring game. there is some potential here, but none of it was expressed. try again, please.