Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"


This is definitely front page quality work, so pat yourself on the back! I liked the concept, the upgrade system, all of it!

The only issues I saw, was that there would be times when there were absolutely no enimeis on the screen, I had that last for 40 seconds once. I also had a bug show up (this was around wave 7 or 8 that it started I believe, right after I had maxed out my upgrades) where I would shoot a rocket out of the sky, but it would leave a 'ghost' image of the rocket on the screen. It didn't interfere with gamplay at all, it was jsut a little bug.

Congrats again on the great work!

skideh responds:

Unfortunately I never got to the bottom of that bug (and forgot it... because it seems to happen so infrequently). :( sorry. If i do an update it will try to fix it
Thanks for the comment :)


Very nice game. But I'm gonna have to agree with te guy below me. It was really good but after like 5 min it got really hard to stay alive = P

Added to my favs for sure!!

Awesome game... looks like hours and days and weeks of effort went into this... Exellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I do have a few suggestions however. I would have liked to have been able to destroy the enemy vehicles but it seemed that bno matter how many grenades or bullets they got hit with they didn't die. I could Only kill the enemy foot soldiers. So it is either impossible or too difficult to destroy vehicles and tanks and I would change that. I also thought the soundtrack was just fair.

Despite that -- still a solid 10+ game!

really good game, BUT

it got boring after level 6. . still great music is awesome

Very nice!

The only thing I would suggest is the addition of extra lives and a continue. Those two things would really help the gamer out. =D

Other than those two things, this game is awesome! ;D Keep up the great work!