Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

the one flaw that ruins any game like this

No lives? No continue? No save?

Those three aspects of your game eliminate absolutely any replay value whatsoever. The game was totally front page worthy, but having to build all of that up again gets repetative and boring and frustrating, bad combo.

4/5, 7/10

oh god

I was playin this game like more than a hour ago or something.. REALLY ADDICTIVE.. it's gotta be in front page.. i swear this one will win something.. is really awesome. i feel so powerfull when i upgrade my weapons LOL

p.d.: it have cheats? :O hollymolly


definatley.good music. great gameplay.nice upgrading

This game is what I'm looking for in flying shoote

This game is win.

Pure and simple.

This game is awesome and unique

this is one of the best games that i've gotten to blam/save lately and i am proud to be one of the ones to save it!