Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Good game.

fun takes alot of mastery to really get good I can tell but Im not that interested that much but still a solid game well done! :)


so hard but a good game

Needs a sequal.

Great mech/upgrade shooter. Needs a little work, but still great. Wish there was a save/checkpoint system but o well.

it was alright

it was an ok game ,,,repetitive,but a little fun,,i think it can be improved on


Not a bad idea, but it was a bit repetitive. I felt cramped in the small gameplay window, I think this might have been better if there was a large fixed screen rather than a sidescrolling one. It made incoming rockets and such very hard to see. The grenade upgrades are also a bit awkward. It's annoying be constantly switching grenade types in game, so I recommend that instead you start players with a basic grenade and allow them to upgrade characteristics of just one type ie. damage, damage radius, respawn time etc.