Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

Welcome back, guys.

It was a long time coming but you never missed a beat. Take your time with this. Gold needs to be worshipped, not pawned off so easily.

Uh the Last scene repeated in terms of audio when the "Stayed tooned", just a minor thing I found, But whatever it was all awesome this time around!A

And it's a severe degree of Awesomeness, too!

Great fan of this serie

But wht don't you have your own serie on NG? You really should!
Another awesome part

dnzTV responds:

dunno! maybe i should PM Tom about that. hmm

Yes! This series is a great example!

Yes, I was wondering when this would come out again :) I'm really loving this series. I do have some critique though; maybe it's because the last episode was released a long time ago or maybe it's the episode itself but I thought this episode presented little action, or maybe I should say: Not a whole lot was going on in this episode which is in contrast with previous episodes.

Also, the episode seemed to be pretty short and I was hoping it would last a little longer so it could draw me in a little more. It is kinda weird to see Corey get so comfortable with his escort or the other way around.

This was great!

I cant say I have ever seen this before, but I acknowledge that this is some awesome animation! the concept, a redneck in Hell/purgatory is hilarious! My only gripe...at the end, the last bit of conversation gets set into a loop, maybe a program error? It was kinda annoying, but it was the end, so, no big whoop. Great job overall, I look foward to your next installment!


"Yeah the lightbulb does project a large degree of awesomeness"

great job as usual guys, its a shame you have to compress the audio so much because of the size limitations but no worries

keep at it!