Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"


Well the animation is beautiful, but the voices really really give me a headache, but I like the idea, seems gd.

Great work!

Very good graphics, I really like those alternative cartoon styles!


wasn't quite fan of the serie till now :P

Gratz on the cool flashes

Wow great stuff

You are a completely good artist man, I can't believe I haven't run into this series before, I was about to go to bed to but I refreshed the portal one last time and I'm glad I did. I'll check your other stuff out tommorrow I guess, just remind me if possible, if not I will be sure to see it sooner or later. Love the drawings in this, and the animation and story are nice as well. Voices are well acted but could be a wee bit louder. Keep up the great work!