Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

like it !

the backgrounds are awsome! hope u make more!

Totaly awsome

cant help it but to watch it more than 5 times. its just so nice i hope you could make more vids :D

currently my favorite series

Angry dog is done, but even then I may still of liked this one more! Why? It's really fresh. You are an inspiration to artists of this site because you continously pump out some high quality material. I am also extremely fascinated with the duality of heaven and hell. I think it's funny that hell could be bad, just because you would only be left with other sinners. That alone would be terrible! If you only loved wealth, and it was always being stolen from you from other thieves it would drive you mad. A serious taste of your own medicine. I think it's peculiar that corey is being taken deeper into hell, which should make for a serious finale. Keep making these flash movies because they are awesome! :D

Pure... Awesomesssss,,,

This series is just awesome man.

Love the backgrounds

I really love this series. It's definitely a change of pace from the regular ones. In order to understand these cartoons, you need to watch the previous ones or you will definitely be lost. Corey is funny as always. This wasn't short, but for some reason it felt shorter than the other ones. Not that that's a bad thing or anything. I just wish it was longer I guess. I don't know :D. Anyways, I love how you use real backgrounds and the animation is as good as the previous episodes. Keep up the good work man.