Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"


I love these. Awesome story. Great animation andart. Riveting story.

Glad to see you back

good as always, was wondering what the delay was (I don't bother reading author pages much :P). Glad to have the series back on track and hope the upcoming eps are just as good


Fan-Fucking-Tastic! I definitely love the series and I can tell you are progressively getting better with flash. It's unreal how much the animation and artwork has increased with each episode. This is definitely an amazing series here on Newgrounds and probably one of my favorites.

still, kew

to damn short....but funny as hell

awesome movie

pretty incredible graphics, and nice animation. the dialogue was nice and even funny, but without the subtitles, i wouldn't understand anything, i'm not saying you should change the voice, just speaking a little slower or trying to pronounce better
the environments are just awesome, it was my favorites, how everything looks there... is amazing