Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"


but these cliffhangers are too troubling along your long waiting time, do it quiker.

dnzTV responds:

yes, master.

Stay Tuned!

And wait another 5 months to a year!... But still, awesome movie man. I'll wait. I have patience of a hawk. Sorta lol


i lovee this series but i hate the waiting!!! i understand they take time but its hard to wait to see what happens. great job on this one as well. friggin' awesome.

very well done

this is a spectacular flash. the only thing that holds it back is the audio. The voice acting needs to be fixed, and the rest of the audio needs to be heavily tweaked so that it sounds more clear. other that that issue the flash is flawless


wow still awesome!!!!
this is wierd because I was just like shoveling my driveway yesterday thinking "hey I wonder when the next corey stuck in purgatory will be released?"
so, awesome, amazing job as always man, I love all the artwork and everything.

cant wait for the next one!