Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

Love it

I quickly fell in love with this series. The art is amazing, the voice acting: superb (i especially like the way Virgil says "Shmorey") and the unlikely hero is great. Cant wait for the movie adaptation :)

Wonderful Character design!

What a great style! I love this! I'm a little annoyed by the voicing, but there have been much worse.


incredible animation! vioces could be better tho, but still awesome work!


awesome dude i loved it

From Miss_Dante

Omg so awesome! I haven't watched all of them, I love Dante's Inferno, That's how I got my name I've had for like 5 years now. I read it in the 9th grade and have been hooked ever since!

This was a nice and easy modern day approach to it and I'm giving you a high score just for being creative with such a story influence