Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

I like.

My favorite part is the dialogue. Written well, in my opinion. The ps/flash mix seemed a little mashed together at times (like when the hermet's face was in a dynamic position, but was a stagnant ps image), but overall was very clean and smooth. Also, and this is just one man's opinion, I wasnt really into Shmormey's companion's voice....seemed, a little meatwad-ish, y'know? kinna' nasaly and unrefined, no offense. Also, I liked how the designs for all of the terrain and ethereal characters were all angular and somewhat "jagged" looking.

So yeah, now that i've given a fair review, you viewers are free to mark this as useless because i didn't go, "ZOMG!! I LUBBZ DIS ANIMASHUNSZZZ!!!!11"

Not too bad at all, in fact, extremely impressive.

In parts, though, it gets really difficult to see what's going on. Also, Virgil is really hard to understand when he speaks. I know subs take care of that, but really, should that be the only way to make his voice acceptable? He might as well be mute. I like his design, in fact, everything visually is among the best on newgrounds, but his voice should be darker. Not so golem...y. I guess i should watch your other installment before I judge.

Sick Visuals and Style

Awesome animation and art style. now i need to go watch the previous installments

well . . .

that was very cinematic


Interesting art style, not so much of my likings but interesting for sure. What I would like is some more animation.

Look up on the thing with the voices looping in the end of the movie.