Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"


Might have done it in 2 gos but i know a a hard game when i play one, awesome stuff dude.
If you suck boo to you, you should try learning how to play games.

The Ninja Stars...

do you really need them?


WTF listen this game seems fine its just too damm hards!!!!!!!! god the only thing that would make this game good is if i am high off of 6 pills of tylenol nyquil weed cocaine heroine nymphetamine cheese,and if i accidently drank the worm at the bottle of tequila bottles COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty sweet

Fun game. Seems the trick is to upgrade all your weapons as fast as you can, then you can just walk through the level. My high score is around 24k. I'm kinda sad that the women don't have nipples to show though when you cut their shirts open :( lol, but awesome game, really.

FleckoGold Code?

Lol incredibly hard.
3 Lives.

This reminded me of contra.
No magical 30 life code though.