Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

Great Game!

I Love It, My Highest Rank Was N.10
Bad Side Was: I Ended Up Bashing A As Fast As I Could & I Hardly Used S, They Were Too Slow.
Love The Graphics.

FleckoGold responds:

You can just hold those two buttons down. It's a lot less stressful. Thanks for the review and for playing :D



this is just great and quite dificult the first 20 times :p i couldnt get past 8350 points

FleckoGold responds:

There are bonus points added up at the end when you win, so 8350 alone is a pretty good score! Good job


very good!!!

It is nicely made, everything's very cool, BUT, it is too f*****g hard and is totally unenjoyable!!!! so c what u an do... ty.... btw 3/5 and 4/10 just because it is too freaking hard!!!!

very nice

At first i didn't know how it worked. But then i found it out and got through about the 10. attemp.
Nice Music, but only one song is a bit boring.
But very nice work.


Thats REALLY hard... but extremely well made!
I give it a 9!
Keep it up!