Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

that was really great

it reminded me of old arcade smash and dash game that kicked ass
nice one flecko


Don't let the opinions of the last few submissions get to you
My guess is that they couldn't through the first few seconds of it
Due to no fault on your part may I add
Bad gamer's are born bad gamer's
This submission was actually extremely fun and awesome at the same time!
I found myself running through it a few times to get a higher score
And I loved the fact that projectiles and enemies came from everywhere and anywhere every split second pushing the player to his limits to try and avoid yet clear the path in front of him

All in all great game
Very entertaining with a high replayability rating

FleckoGold responds:

Wow, thanks! You definitely lifted my spirits! :D



Its not so terrible I liked the graphics but the gameplay was just too unresponsive, but as I said the graphics were well done. On that topic since when does running into a hot chick ever kill. You broke the golden rule of gaming which is hot chicks = good.

not good

not the best game ive ever played because it gets pretty boring in the first 10 seconds

Add A MUTE Button.

Add A Mute Button for The Music, I made it 5 seconds into the game and quit because of the shitty music.