Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

i is a....

RANK 8 MASTER MONK and i can sharpen my katana and crazygamer i was about to say the same thing
and its a good game and difficult

Its ok

I like the animation in the beginning But it kinda sucks that you can't be the other people
Also I agree that the game does get extremely hard really fast

very difficult, yet very fun

the hardest thing to do is getting your upgrades early. once you get your upgrades, focus on dodging. amusing neitherless

i got a rank 12 =-=" with 22132 i think

FleckoGold responds:

Nice job! See? It IS possible to reach the end! :P


nice attempt

There's a difference between challenging and too hard. You have 0 reaction time to the people coming at the screen and u cant kill them in time. You're constantly dying, either running into people or getting hit by their projectiles or cars. It's a good attempt, but overall fails due to poor design choices.

FleckoGold responds:

It's challenging, give it some time.


i get 8rank

so sweet wow it the best ever never ^_^ fun fun fun....