Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

Rank 10!

Rank 10... I don't suck! :)

That was interesting... not so hard after you get upgrade. Then I was blasting though everything with my sword blast. (I misunderstood your comment 'dont try to hit enemies with your sword, just the projectiles' ...what? only use my stars? But I run out! :) - now I get it....

I was kind of expecting some big guy at the end, or a good ending to match the opening, no such dice...



i like the game but the upgrades only helped a tiny bit you have to increase the dmg,shots,or maybe the size of the atk.

lol I don't suck

Great game dude!
the graphics were awesome,I give you a 10/10 !

BAM....... im dead -_-

i cant say much but i just didnt like it lol no ups(atleast as i know)theres not much good things about it.and if you make anothe i sugjest toneing the difficulty down

The rules of the real world apply

If you stay on the sidewalk and don't run in the middle of the street, you live! Amazing huh? So yeah, great game. Not hard, just one for button mashing. If you make a second one like this try a side scroll instead of vertical, and don't change the fact that you are constantly running, because that makes this feel like an epic battle when you reach the end and didn't die.