Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"


eh i did like how the girls shirts ripped open though otherwise meh.


Christ , the intro and so looked nice , but when i actually started playing the game it was bugfest , sometimes i would get the play again screen and i would keep playing , sometimes the game would spawn 2 characters that i was controlling paralely and sometimes the whole screen background turned white and enemies would keep spawning and i would keep playing after loosing all my lives so i was like "lulz wut?"

maybe it's just on my side but christ it was creepy stuff

FleckoGold responds:

You won't have bugs as long as you don't manually play through the frames by right clicking and choosing "play". Nice try to cheat though, I know it's a common game exploit. Gotta learn how to program that function out of the next flashes.



yay i dont suck, 17250 was my final score.. but yeah i beat it on my first try... dont see how its that hard.. anyways ok game nothing new.

Great game but...

great game but its nearly if its not COMPLETELY impossible 2 get 2 the end oh and i would apreciate if i of u guys could send me messages of other games from this series =) i wanna play with the othr characters.


Although I have never made a flash game myself and have no idea how hard it is to script and encode everything, I am mixed on this one.
Know those games that are impossible to beat without cheats? This would be one of them.