Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

Finally beat it

Although the button mashing and constant barrage of enemies gets tedious after a while, it was fun seeing all the custom death animations. Also I noticed if you slash at a female enemy it cuts her shirt off, but if you throw a ninja star it gets embedded in her heart. Do all enemies have separate death animations for getting killed by each weapon? Just wondering.

Again, fun game. Killed some time, and I obtained Master Samurai. Keep improving.

FleckoGold responds:

Good job, and yes, I made separate death animations for each character for both weapons. 11 different ways you can kill something. And I pride myself on that.


its good

but short.. finished it the 4th time.. i thought it was impossible, but there is a trick that is 100% sure ull finish the game.. its not a bug.. stop whinning if u cant beat the game.. damn the guy who throws his weapons sideways..

lol, nice game

just a tad 2 much of "wtf just hit me" tho


Controls didn't work... game looks nice but is pretty much unplayable.


i really liked it

mindless fun for hours if a little taxing on the buttons and the animation was very nice all in all i'd like to play it again