Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"


Hard adn addictive, but wont make u play it twice...

Ps. Where's all the nudity???

FleckoGold responds:

Look close, its "mild" for a reason ;)



Yeah this was just ok. Just go back and forth and jam on the 2 attack buttons and hope you live a long time

But whers the boob!?!

Show boobs
Show sterotype black rape the the hookers
Show the sterotype soccer gangbang of the hookers
Show the cars driven by soccer teams of black guys gangbanging the hookers


I LOVE IT! The art work is amazing, the music fitz awesomly, and you feel like a real badass when you mow through the tons of enemies!
one complaint though :( the load time at the beggining is WAY too long.

why this fails

1. samurais despise ninjas due to the fact they lack any form of honor, and break the code of bushido with every fiber of their being.
2. nothing that any of these people did made them ninjas.

FleckoGold responds:

Thanks for the history lesson, but this is fiction. I thought you would of guessed that when you saw everything cartoon-like....

The P-NESS is a freakin' ninja...