Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

An accomplishment in Flash

Nice work Andromedus! Most excellent entry! The game was enjoyable, music was good and I believe you have an excellent game engine. Throw some textures on their, improve the braking & bumping physics, add some elevation changes, add a money upgrade system and you will start to rival platform games...it is amazing how much flash is coming along.


that was a little laggy for me you might want to make it runnable by lower quality computers.


i agree, this amazed the shit out of me.it was enjoi-able.and calming


you don't see good 3D-ish flashes often ^^ it'd be nice if you made it a little more complex though, like having to brake instead of just letting the gas go but, I can't make a simple flash game so ya XD


very fun, great graphics, but techno music was kinda lame