Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


Most of the time I was just bouncing off the walls. I didn't like it too much.

very cool

Did you use papervision for this? Just curious. Beautiful piece of work. Just lacks variety/ I couldn't get past level one so can't say though for sure, but the first track was a bit monotonous. Racing games arent my thing but I know when I see excellence of its kind and originality. 10

Slick gameplay

Feels like a solid game, but I think the tracks we're quite poor and not suitable for the game.


nice stuff... remembers me to play f-zero again :P

The best 3D racing gaming I have ever seen!!!!

10 out of 10 because of how smooth the race was. Truly amazing! I still can't believe it is even a flash game. This game deserves to be put on 50 best games of all time or at least be put on the best of the week.