Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Very good!

Normally, i don't like racing games but this game is quite good. And also in 3d! But it need some improvement with some extras because it was boring after a while and it felt empty so maybe you can do something about it.

But Good job


Seriously! 10/10 and 5/5.
Fucking ace.
You own the internet.

It's OKish

Normally I like to criticize a game first, but on this occasion I'll work backwards. The game play is simple, the concept works well, it looks nice for a flash game and it's a little bit of fun to play when you have a minute or two.

However, I'm feeling there was no real use to the 3D engine apart from looking good. Having a few ramps, or even a simple bridge would have made it all worthwhile. That, and every craft in the game is so unmaneuverable meaning that if you have to go around a corner that is more than 45 degrees, you either have to come to a dead stop or bounce around the corners, which is what I always did seeing as the physics engine didn't penalize me too hard for flying bonnet-first into a wall. That, and the game pretty much boils down to who's in the fastest car, seeing as all the AI opponents did what I did and bounce around the corners.

Finally, when I said it was good to play for a minute or two? That's how long it took for me to unlock everything. Making the tracks longer/adding more and harder to get stuff would increase the game's length dramatically.

Apart from that, it's a good game.

reminds me of one of my favorite games on N64

its pretty good. and very F-Zero X feel to it. pretty great graphics and i like it. 5/5


Awesome game, good graphics, great idea. just a suggestion, mybe you could add stunts, weapons, thruster pads etc.
keep up the good work