Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


one bug... i did a lap in the wrong way and it count for one lap??????????
esept this, it is the best game ever dude!!!!!!!!!!

easy game

ive completed it and its ok but it gives me a headache to

Great Flash racing game

I loved it. Simple racing game that reminds me alot of f-zero and another game that I cant remeber the name of at the moment. The graphics are good as well as the controls and music.

I think that of you wanted you could expand on the game, add more features and such and it could turn into a game thats just as good as f-zero.

It's ok

Nice game but the game gives me a bit headache and the graphics is ain't that good...

Amazing 3-d for flash

This game is really nice, but the graphics arent that good, yet sort of simple... Anyway, its an excelent flash game