Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


Well, not many cars at all, and I suggest the next version to include nitrous. And a few more things like these:

More tracks
More cars
More opponents
Better handling on cars *Even the best handling isnt that well*
A little faster cars

I hope to see some improvements next time...


Quite hard to control at first and not enough different ships/craft.

Wow...that actually wasn't bad

It was pretty good. cant wait for the second one. too short and plain though


i dont notice any glitches or downsides in this game, its perfect :).if u make a version two, that would be insane


its really addicting for me but there isnt very many thingsto choose from like you could add a tournament mode, more cars and tracks and difficulty levels like NOVICE, ADVANCED, EXPERT AND EXTREME.
also i noticed that some times the start doesnt appear so im stuck looking at the start of the track but good any way 10