Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Finally some good racing games.

I really enjoyed this game! :D The controls and gameplay makes racing in this game a fun challenge. It didnt feel as crappy as other newgrounds racing games. I really liked the computer opponents too. I just wish it was a longer game.
Thanks so much for making this game!

mot bad but not great

i didn't hate it but i don't find it worth playing with the graphics (i know its diiffcult to work with in flash and i amend you for getting something like to work in flash but i still don't find it fun to play. which is a important part in games.
5/10 3/5


good, just like the wipeout games

Retro Made Great

For a retro styling, this game plays like a smoother F-Zero. Polygonal shapes much like a Super FX Chip Game like StarFox. Just great!

The guy inder me is a ass..

the game is pretti descent.. It feels good.. Some cooler lookin cars and tracks would of made this a hit