Reviews for "3000 AD"

Wicked Game!!

Amazing game. I love the style, very smooth gameplay, simple but very fun. A lot of people have trouble finding the balance between an emphasis on graphics and the quality of the gameplay itself. This game strikes a good balance.

The graphics could improve a little bit in terms of some of the menus (like the mech shop etc) but I like that its so simple.

All in all - a good - fun - game.

- Well done


Alot like "Mech commander" a game I loved as a kid. the only problems were that the more powerful weapons weighed so much, and that the sight range was a bit too small (a radar might have helped).

Great Job!

I'm missing something

You need a better story. I dont feel in the game. At least it's programmed well and runs smooth.

Badass mech game!

What's not to love about a mech game with some awesome effects :P

Rampage your way to Warlord Sarb and obliterate everything in your way!

My strategy is to upgrade the tech first, like cooling, engine then armor. I keep four small lasers for most of the game and upgrade to bigger and more badass shoulder weaponry later. I literally rampage around venting exhaust (boost) to disintegrate the foot soliders while dominating everything else on screen (which aaron hates btw, too bad!) and of course dodging and maneavuring around obstacles and bombs.

It's a great game to relieve stress and just so fun to destroy everthing!

Okay i guess

Overall this was a pretty good games but the graphics could be improved a bit and the music/ sound got boring after a while