Reviews for "3000 AD"

Great game to the classic

Alot of things were great
some suggestions
-in the original when you overheat, you powered down. in this you are still able to move and sometimes fire missiles. this takes out alot of the panic of the original when you overheated (ie. in the middle of a feirce gunfight with only a few hp left) the vent exhaust thing really shouldve been a minimal rescource you used to prevent overheating... as that what venting a exhaust actually does.
the boost shouldve been a tech that you could buy and improve on
- ability to choose a diffrent mech at start (ie. one that has better armour. one that starts of with better firepower. one that is balanced) as this would give more replayabilty
-diffrent diffucilties, vanilla game very easy
-maps that differ a bit (diffrent textures maybe? what about grass, desert)


Excellent. Loved it. Couple suggestions though - its impossible to dodge the bullets, it seems to me. And that overheat feature always kicks in way too soon but thats just a genre feature - bugged the shit outa me in mechwarrior also - not a flaw in your design.

I liked the old 8 bit graphic style alot.

ahh nostalgy =)

reminds me good old Mechawarrior serie =] but yeah both idea and job done are near perfect. graphics could be better but thats not a big flaw, maybe i was a bit suprised how simple footmans with their machinguns can drain so much life from me but oh well. great job and keep up the good work mate =D

I can't dodge the bullets.

it's an ok game, but you can't just dodge the bullets.


This game is amazing! Only one word can describe it: INCREDIBLE!