Reviews for "3000 AD"

Love the mech idea!

I like the game, but I think I would make the graphics sharper. Sometimes the enemy units were hard to see against some of the background.
Otherwise, the missions were great, and I really like that you could see the modifications to the mech in the store.


The game is good but not perfect. I don't know why but its not perfect.


I'd like. Very beatiful game. But need more Cannons and lasers.

the graphics seem to be a hot button issue

it looks like the thing you worked on hardest was the terrain.
it worked in your favor, i think. that water effect was cool.
as far as the rest of your graphics go, the weapons were very colorful and flashy. neat! whatever else, i think you might have put more sounds into it.
i also liked how the rocks added to my strategy of taking down the boss.
maybe in the next one, add swappable body parts. like leg, chassis, arm.
and each having a number of weapon points (0 to 3, maybe.) and the ability to sell parts or weapons to afford new, more advanced ones.
i don't know how Mo feels about it but the addition of some music would be great. there must be some musicians who would lend you some.

w00t, old school mayhem

I really loved playing it. It has got the authentic mechwarrior feeling in it that I loved so much. Graphics are good, though a little more detail/animation on the vehicles/mechs would be nice. Gameplay as said is nice, but could be a bit more difficult. I only had to replay the last level one time. As for that, the last level could have been much further away in my opinion.
I really hope you're gonna make a sequel to it, perhaps with some additional options/features as with the original game (i.e. buying heat sinks, repairing, limited ammo, chest weapons, whatever).
I'm looking forward to more!