Reviews for "3000 AD"

Not that mech-ish

Decent quality for a flash game, but not enough fun to keep me playing more than a few minutes. Some criticism:

Aside from the overheating thing, I didn't find this game felt that much like Battletech/Mechwarrior/etc... seemed like just another top-down shooter.

The graphics are lousy... I know it's retro, but you can have retro graphics that aren't ugly. Too much texture in the background, not enough detail in the sprites.

The sound cut out after the first level.

I bought a light cannon because the hint said it would be good against infantry, but it seemed to suck worse than the laser I started with. I'm not even sure it was shooting.


i tried to attack but i kept on shooting at the same place and would not stop. it made the game impossible. i was not lagging.

asome game

love it

More Awesome than Cake!

Yes. It is more awesome than cake :O haha very good game, loved it, but it gets very laggy very quickly. 5/5/favourite good job xD

Cool game but big flaw

So I liked this game. The graphics were pretty good and the action was just right.

There was a pretty big bug though. It looks like upon purchasing a weapon, closing the game, reopening, and continuing to the shop, the game saves the fact that you've added a weapon but it does not save the fact that you decremented your money.

So if you just keep purchasing stuff, closing the game and continuing, you can get all of the upgrades pretty quickly. I had every single weapon and upgrade except the PPC by level three. Seems like something you ought to be able to remedy fairly quickly though.