Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


Graphics: 7/10
Voices: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Overall: 7/10

The voiceacting was perfect, i really loved it. But the animation could have used SOME work. All and all, it was quite boring, but it had twists and turns so it kept me watching. Shortly, good flash, some good points from me.


7/10, 4/5.

BorrisMoose responds:

Cheers for the review, I miss the grading criteria that used to be in place.

you work hard

i love it some of the best flash ever good job


One of the movies I just relaxed during and didn't focus too much with. The whole movie wasn't too flashy or surreal, it was in it's own right place. Good work.

Moderately funny dating tape parody.

It's not as funny as those Mad TV dating tape sketches, but it's all right. I found the whole Muscle Bird character kinda dull. Most of the humor is observational, and kinda stale if you've ever seen any other parodies of dating tapes before.

I would have liked to see more of an effort to draw humor from the ridiculousness of the character. One bright moment was when he started pecking up the steroids, hehehe. But I think there was potential for more Bird Humor, here. (For one thing, burds have hollow bones. What would that be like for a stuntman? :) )

I suppose I should be grateful you made a furre flash that was only minimally creepy. I'll take a look at your other work. You clearly know your way around Flash, and you're willing to work hard on the story, humor, and character design. Even though my personal reaction to this flash was lukewarm, I can tell you're a great animator.

I look forward to your future works. Keep experimenting, keep trying. I'm sure you'll blow me away with one of your submissions. It just wasn't this one.

BorrisMoose responds:

Thanks for the in- depth review dude, it will be really helpful when working on future submissions.

Its Super Man! Its a Plain! Its Muscle Bird!

Strong Points:-Humorous(gets you mind off things)
-Amazing graphics!
-Great voice acting
Weak Points:-(None)

Overall:-Love it!Just love it!You have a great sense of humor and great artistic skill!Your original and professional!Nothing could have been done better though my eyes.The worst part was when it ended.Keep up the great work!

BorrisMoose responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it.