Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


It was nicely done, good animation, nice drawing and stuff VERY good audio.

But, the jokes just didn't float my boat. That might be because of my slightly warped sense of humour, but I get the feeling (judging by the other reviews) that it's just that the jokes weren't that funny. Don't get me wrong, the acting bits and the pecking steroids were great, but there wasn't much else. So, in between the big jokes, I must say I got a bit bored.

Get some better jokes, and more of them, and your movies will tick over very nicely with laughter coming thick and fast.
4/10 2/5

2 Minute Dating Tape Bordering on Boredom

the animations and everything were fine, it just had no humour. things that were supposed to be funny werent. im going to put it down to the voice acting, wasnt any emotion in the voice, it never fluxuated


"mmMMmm. This is a tasty burger!"

pretty damn nice

the originality is untouchable here. the design of the characters is great, I can see you guys put a lot of effort into it.

my favorite part was when he is pecking the steroids. oh my god. epic.

my one and only suggestion.....make more jokes next time (it sorta needs more emotion, you know what I mean?


It was good but i couldent understand any of that.. it dident fit together ,WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON, parts i did get were funny though and animation was smooth and sleek.