Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

Front page easily!

This is my first comment in a month, but this flash deserves it. The voice acting has probably been the best I have ever heard (I mean it) and the whole concept of it is original, a Muscle Bird making a dating tape, now thats original.

P.S. I look forward to more toast facts.

poor bastard...lol

hopefully someday musclebird will find what he's looking for.a hen or female chicken perhaps?:3

Good stuuff yo.

lol, that was funny yo, i liked the movie parts like pulp fiction, "that is one tasty burger" not to mention the steroid pecking part lol. Man muscle bird has got it tough. Serously that was good keep it up, that the artwork and all that was rly good, very detailed u no? and creative idea man, srsly. I wanna no tho...r u makin this into a series or somethin cause i wanna see more bout Muscle bird and his friends in their adventures of, well, film and what not. Good stuff yo good stuff. srsly dude can try his hand...or...wing at crime fighting at night. Stunt man by day.

BorrisMoose responds:

Thanks for all the nice comments.

This cartoon is sort of like a Pilot, just to introduce the character of Muscle Bird and the things that go on around him. We have got some ideas for future things to do with him and hopefully we can find the time to continue.

I like the crime fighting idea, I can picture that being a funny and surreal event.

I liked this a lot... but...

I would love more toast facts.

BorrisMoose responds:

If its toast facts you are after, my site occasionally updates itself with a new fact. There's some stuff there that not even I knew about.


I wanna go on a date with musle bird. What's his phone #?

BorrisMoose responds:

Foolish Muscle Bird, applies all the charm but fails to leave any contact information. I will tell him to get back to you.