Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


That was kinda wierd...

I would totally .....

date this thing ; p What a splendid dating ad. It got me hooked. I need a good muscle bird to brighten my day.... Too bad I'l have to continue eating birds though ; ) I don't this review makes much since. Neither does the score I gave it, but I don' know... It's an odd sorta good to me ; p

Some funny parts

Rather funny as a dating date. Could have used a bit more humor and indepeth-ness and I know it was meant to look like it was filmed on a handheld camcorder but the slight wobble annoyed the hell out of me
Overall nice flash tho

Funness to a new lvl

Muscle Bird...hmm. So how did you decide what parts would be human and what wouldn't. That would be a pretty hard task to do. But well done. I really enjoyed it totally. It had humor...it also had humor...but it had just a touch of humor. It was cool.

...oh yeah...btw, I doubt Muscle Birds will be getting any response...unless there are more Muscle Birds out there....hmm....perhaps


Nice art, but,,,

I think it was misdirected. The animation was very good, the voice acting was good also. But the subject matter was very, very bland. Boring even. I wasn't amused by the situation that muscle bird was in, and I did not laugh once. It is totally up to you in which direction you place your talents, and if you enjoy it in this capacity, then by all means, carry on. But if you're wanting to reach the audience better, write a better script to apply your art to.