Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


where can i meet him?
he looks good, and my kinda type.
just tell me ;D


7+10+10 = (27 / 30)*10 = 9
So how'd you get an overall score of 7 out of 10? Bad math? Lets hope so.
'cause if graphics are that important, you must have very bad taste in things.

Everything was just fine, BorrisMoose. Could have run a bit smoother though, and the graphics weren't bad. Higher then the average newground quality. Good job.

BorrisMoose responds:

We will take the smoothness of our animation into account on future productions, thanks for the review.


They did it all.

BorrisMoose responds:

Sshhh don't tell anyone else.

toast fact!

hahaha the best part was the toast fact before u click play 10/10 just for that man LOL!


im not sure why mabey it's his sole less eyes but he just creeps me out something fierce

BorrisMoose responds:

Sorry... for the creepiness. He can't help how he looks.