Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

Great Flash!

Very intelligent, very creative, very humorous. I have never seen a concept like that before, and I thought it was very entertaining. I'm not too sure why so many people are downvoting this animation, but maybe they don't understand the comedy in it. Anyways, I greatly enjoyed it and I would love to see Muscle Bird as a reoccurring character in other Flashes. Keep up the great work.

It was ok.

The animation wasn't too bad and your idea was good. I think you should have worked the story more. The best part of the whole thing is you got Dirge from Xombie (Geoff Edwards) to do the voice acting. You get four stars for effort. I'm not trying to be like some people and just write hateful and rude comments, I think if you keep at it and you'll get there.


Dude awesome don't listen to those jackasses who just want to put you down, that was funny as hell, and great animation.


this video wasnt really funny at all. the animation was good but maybe you should work on having gags in your videos in stead of trying to come up with a funny idea and playing the whole movie over it.

Serious potential

Wow, I have to say. The animation and idea were pretty damn good in my opinion. I'd say it was on par with Adult Swim eske ideas. Very interesting. The only thing that impacted my opinion negatively was the humor. That is literally the ONLY thing I can complain about. At times the humor was a little dry and lacked in delivery and timing. That's all I can tell you to work on, because the rest was very well done; from animation, to art, to voice acting, to sound quality, all great.