Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


Waarde4, i think when the animation was unstable it was soposed to be the camcorder, because you know how home movies are, and i like how this animator incorperated this into the film, i also thought the idea was rather creative and i hope to see more dating videos for other imaginitive animal-like characters. I give most of the points to the animator for being creative, making it look difrent weather or not it was being seen through the camcorder or actualy seeing them. I give the person who came up with the idea high props as well, the idea was firm and creative, however the lines lost points for both the animator and the person who sparked this idea... while the dialouge fit the video only one of the lines really jumped out and grabbed me and was the line about not pumping him up with the other things body builders used... and the only reason i remember that is because right after that was the animation of him pecking the steriods. Thats bad because the only thing really drawing me to this is the animation, which was created by the idea.... also sorry for being a critic, i know i myself havnt made any flash videos (due to not having the thousand or so needed to by the softwear to create flashes)... so i have no right to critic, still giving my input is what i do best. Either way this was decent and i look forward to the next one.

Constructive Criticism

The star points I added to this review were strictly for the animator of this clip. I found the idea very funny though, but as it dragged on, the korny lines and events kinda took the magic away. If i may suggest shortening this and trimming the lines down (remember you dont have to use it all). Other than that excellent job visually and animation wise.

this could be of legendary proportions

if ya keep up this good flashes and make more''
this could be indeed legendary.

ahaha what the hell

that shit was hysterical, what is wrong with you

It was good...

But for some reason the animation seemed pretty "Unstable" .
I can't put my finger on the word but it looked like a stopmotion movie some times.