Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Great game! But

It's an awesome game, butyou should be able to grow :) That would've been awesome ;)


great game

ill agree with the guy a few posts down tho. adding growth and unlocks and what not would make this so much better. and i like the sound track good job keep it up


I agree somewhat with jbruddy. The main character should grow as you eat. Also The yellow capsule, if you're not going to make the main character grow, make the yellow capsule an invincibilty or a bomb to get rid of those larger than you.
I liked the game very much, in fact I'll play again.


I personally loved this game, and the music was great for it. The only improvement I can think of is that it would be really cool if you grew as you ate more. Anyways keep up the good work.


how do i freakin get bigger?