Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Great game!

I love this game :P The style and music are great, and it satisfies you for a long time.

Realy, Realy, GOOD

This Is A Hekdik Game
I Cant Belive It, Awesome Music, Awesome Graphics
Exept One Thing, The Character, Its A Little Noodle Munch
But Apart From That Realy Realy Good

jjwallace responds:

hehe yeah noodle munch hehe

Fun, Addictive, and Funny

The music blended in perfectly with the gameplay, with simple gameplay and quick continues this is fairly addictive.


I personally loved this game, and the music was great for it. The only improvement I can think of is that it would be really cool if you grew as you ate more. Anyways keep up the good work.

Also good but

it was a bit creepy.

The colors arent that good, i liked he combinations in the first game. But ur composition is creative: 3 Points
I liked the Gameplay, but u dont grow and its gettin a bit repetetive. I loved the bonus in part one, why didnt they stay? : 4 Points
Idea and music are both still good and doesnt get too boring ^^ 4 points

overall 4/5

liked it and the new victims are great, but the great fishes are fking hard to beat if u get hunted by 3 of them. Do the growth^^
im looking foreward to red custom^^