Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


Like i said, its good but not like awesome good, more like break after 5 hours of runescape good.

i agree with the dude below me

use the pill to grow those big basterds ticked me off time for revenge

Yellow Pill = Short Growth / Invincibility

I love this game and the idea you have here. But I would like to eat those big bastards that kept chasing me around.

How about you make the yellow pill a growth pill. Everyone wants it.


this would have been perfect if you could grow! come on! you were stuck at one size? with all the work you put into it, you should have finished it, but still a good time waster

need to the ability grow

you should be able to get larger the more you eat. and the lower you go, the larger the fish get, so you can't go low when you are small. otherwise what is the point of eating other fish anyways. there needs to be more incentive to eating than just swimming around.