Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Great flow

I enjoyed the art and the overall flow of this game.

The Idea of Aquatic Alien life is interesting but the music gets old fast.

Keep up the good work

Great Game

Good game and graphics! You could make the creature grow but this whould change the gameplay completely!

i agree wit Chirstopherrossi

the game is great the but the one thing i think would be great is a growth effect on your character, as he eats he grows, there could be a bar you have 2 fill or something of that effect before he grows 2 the next size, that could make it so much better

Very Nice Game

I really like it and could only think of two reasons it shouldn't be a ten.

1.) Number one is that it has no warning of a big fish is coming! Like said in previous reviews, they should have some sort of warning system or mini map.

2.) Number two is that you don't grow! Or if you do grow you don't grow fast enough so that you do it within the time of being eaten.

Overall I find this game pretty cool, it is fun and these are the only reasons it isn't getting a ten. Good Job!


would be a ten if you get bigger but you can in the next can't wait