Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

The Yellow Pill

Its pretty simple really. Just make the yellow pill make you x10 (or something to that extent) in size temporarily so you can eat the guys that usually swallow you up whole.


i really had fun with this game cuz it was original and i didnt really get bored of it

as for the yellow pill it could be just points or watever i guess, or u could make it so when u eat it u can survive those dam shark things, or maybe it could increase ur size, idk


That was a great game i love it. Also (off topic) i think most people here would enjoy a game called spore. if you look into it spore.com and xspore.com are recommended sites. ^.^

Very Addictive

i like the underwater music. i think the yellow pill should make you grow a bite to eat the bigger evil Sperm

greta game

But wouldnt it be better if your fish grew when it ate so you dont die all the time?
and what are those big anglerfish type lights in the blackness what do they do?

What if the yellow pill increased your size so you could eat bigger fish then added even larger fish