Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Hey there skipper :D

Overall a great tutorial, the explanations were complete and concise, tellikng us what do do and how it works, brilliant explanataions of complicated things.

I only saw 2 bugs; if you keep holding the ball and drag it to the side of a bit of the terrain, and keep dragging it into it, when you get the ball out of the terrain there is quite a bit of distance between the ball and the cursor. Another thing was that the ball sometimes hopped up a pixel repeatedly after a few bounces, but most likely can be fixed by changing a few variables.

The menu and navigation buttons were simple but effective and it was nice and straightforward to whizz around the tutorial frames easily, though the text could get a little bit small on some buttons. One more thing is that you maybe should've added a rectangle or something in the hit frame of your menu buttons, as you have to exactly click the text to get to different parts.

To sum up your tutorial in a few words, I'd call it fine and dandy, nice job.


but too confusing to people who want to learn

Just one thing...

Change the "hit" area into a rectangle, the buttons on the menu are a pain to click.


COOL! This opens up new ideas for me! :)


I was looking for a wall tutorial cause i was gonna make a game like bouce but stumbled upon this and it was very helpful if i had kept going the way i was i wouldn't of gotten very far. Just 1 problem i had when i put in the code for the nodes and line it didnt work all that well i change a variable to get the placement right but it also scales along the y axis and not just x axis if u could help. I changed the variable in the line code at the end of xscale form 4 to 1 but i cant manage to get it to stop form enalrging. Great tutorial by the way.