Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"


I tried desperatly to understand. BUT I DIDN"T GET A WORD OF IT. Well... i got a few. But not many. Having started flash totally on my own this week u have inspired me to make a "play" button! Which is currently in progress and im desperatly failing at. COuld u m me wiht some tips? btw...THAT ROCKED!


it would be cool if you could play the game


isn't 100fps a little much, as long as a human being already realizes animation at 25fps?

Lozman2k3k responds:

yeah you could say it's a bit overkill, especially if the machine you're using is a bit older. But really I set it to such a high framerate for fluidity - just making it look really smooth no matter how fast the ball goes. Also it helps cos when you reposition the fall when it hits a surface, a high framerate makes that little jump completely invisible.


dude ur one actionscipt/math god... i take additional math at school and u still.. mathified me. btw wats arctan??? i dun think ive learnt abt arc yet? as u can see by teh name I LOVE ACTIONSCRIPT .. but sadly im not that good at it. can ya add me in msn n b my flash tutor =D?

Lozman2k3k responds:

arctan is just the opposite of tan. so if you have x=tan(y), then arctan(x)=y.


well, mostly.

I found that the buttons are annoyingly small, but this is probably an invaluable tutorial for any maker of games.

It would also be a cool game if you could play around with gravity and throw in some wind factors as well, trying to get a ball to a goal. My gr. 12 physics teacher told us that air resistance physics were too compelx for high school, no matter how interested I was in it. I'd like to see some of that in a game if anyone has the ability.