Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Nice Tutorial

This was a nice Physics Tutorial you could have a sleeker design on the interface, So here we have a nice tutorial here a fun style of game where you can learn a few things about flash and all the little tricks behind flash now this may be "OBSOLETE" these days in modern time but they are still usefull for people who still run the old flash programs.

you could have a sleeker design on the interface


some sort of ????

Too much to read. i read it later

Hey man, can i make a physics engine with this (I will make more stuff than in this tutorial, i will give credits!)?

I will also try to make you popular.

FOrgot to tell: I am posting on dA :)

Fantastic tutorial. I cannot emphasize this enough; PROGRAMMERS NEED TO LEARN MATH. There are so many cool things you can do with math just in moving things alone, but as for some people like me, you either didn't go through public school or highschool to learn it or forgot it entirely.
I can't post any links, but here are some good things to help you with:

Khanecademy: fantastic place for general education and their website has an awesome math exercise campaign style application (even comes with achievements).

Math.com: Good for taking a quick glance at math if you don't feel like watching videos all day.

Wiki-freakin'-pedia (not in quotes): just type in random math questions and browse through the blue words.

Learning math is a long process and can only be learned if you put it to use. Find some excuses to use some really complicated methods of math such as general physics or trigonometry (tower defense turrets uses some of those equations). Good luck to all of us mates!