Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Wow man!!

This is tha best Physics Tutorial in my life it will never be replaced!!

The way you explain things are just awesome were you a teacher before?

Lozman2k3k responds:

thanks, and no im 17

Wow can u help me with my homework

that probly took weeks to make


This must have taken alot of effort to make, rather addicting.

Loved it..

This really does deserve 10, All that from your own knownledge? SImply Amazing, the future is bright my friend! =D


This is a marvellous tutorial and possibly the best I've ever seen on Newgrounds.

It has certainly helped me (although I can figure out a lot of the basic physics, I often don't use coefficients of friction and things like that which you have shown to make it a lot more realistic), so thank you for taking the time to make this :)