Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Nice [:

Extremely informative, and easily over the heads over 80% of the people that will eventually view this submission. My only fear is that numerous "Copy and Paste" coders will be making simple/mindless games with extremely well developed 2D Physics :P


Well Done! Exactly the kind of tutorial needed in and worthy of the flash tutorial collection. Would love to see more like this. This flash covers a very good ball bouncing behavior, collision detection, interacting with the ground, and more. The math is fairly advanced and complicated but it is explained thoroughly and can be understood with a little effort from those challenged by math; it's deals with trigonometric functions and differential equations and it explains and makes allowances for some of flash's limitations in dealing with math expressions. Very Good and I would love to see more like this!


I am a rookie, i followed ur instructions and i got it!!!
now i have a basketball game! lol


i cant take it. there variables, and brackets, and.. OOH THE HORROR!!!

i just skipped it all, i couldnt possible take reading all that math.
the parts i did stick on(the demonstration slides), i found 1 problem, and one.. annoyance: problem; the one where you added the ground. if i moved the mouse fast enough i could get the ball INSIDE the wall, as though it were outside.
annoyance; the ball would only drop, i couldn't ''throw'' it. though im sure that was part of the programing that the ball would only be forced upon by gravity, nothing external except me positioning it.

anyways. looks like you put quite some work into it, so good job :)

Just what I needed!

I've been working on a 3D game recently, and I didn't quite know how to handle collisions. But after seeing that margin system that you used, I think that I'll do just fine!