Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

My head hurts!

I cant understand a word but great job lol


well...there goes my brain, but all in all 20/10 :D

pretty cool

it was pretty cool, i found a glitch though, with the moving band thing, that its supposed to bounce off of, if you position it so that its at more than a 45 degree angle from a wall and you drop the ball in between it and the wall it will fall right into it and then through it, and if you move the ball too fast it can go through surfaces

thats rele good

thats brillant im only giving 9/10 cus it was rele difficult 2 understand lol
but other than that its rele detaled and it looks like it took u a while 2 make
good job


Nice physics engine-scripting you got there =3 However I see that it doesnt jump off corners properly though...the ball becomes "deflated" after touching the sharp corner.
so, err arctan in the calculator is tan rite?

Lozman2k3k responds:

Thanks, yeah I found while making it that from some angles it tends to jump off the corners a little unnaturally. Although I think if you change the corner surfaces from just partial circles to full circles to prevent a little gap between the adjacent flat surfaces appearing, that should help. Oh, arctan is like the opposite of nomal tan, like + is the opposite of -. So if you did arctan to a tan, they cancel each other out.