Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Error help please

i used adobe flash and flash plaayer 9 and actionscript 2 but i got an erro that dragged == 0 code doesnt work

i got an error

i love this tutorial... it helped me so much, i learned ball physics today from this then ive known sence i started flash i gave u a 10/10 and a 5/5 even tho i got an

Operator '=' must be followed by an operand error.... can some1 help me fix this??? i did everything i was sposed to do too. so its making me sadfaic

i got the error in the _root.ball._y = #; and _root.ball._x = #; code....

100% quality

Good job! I think your one of the only people on ng that understands programing physics in flash. Kudos to you.

OMG this tut is beautiful!

this is soo smooth and well lessoned thank you sooooo much god I love you I wish I can thank you how much this helps and I am amazed I apreciated your work very respectfully I have learned a bit much and I hope you teach us some more tricks about ragdolls too its fun and edutationing! thanks!!!

good work man =]

good tut, clear, explained the math and all.
only thing is that i am having a problem with the "block"(how do you make the outer part 0% alpha?). the ball wont bounce off of it, rather roll around it,(half way through it).
meh, i am not so good at math(yet).
anyways, good work.(i love seeing the ball bounce =])

Lozman2k3k responds:

you can make the outer section 0% alpha just as part of the colour in the colour panel, alpha is a scroller thing.